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iOS Jailbreak Seems to Be Going the Way of The DODO

The more new versions of iOS go out the more hackers seem to have more and more trouble finding loopholes to exploit. This is one of the reasons why Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, says that “The jailbreak is dead! “.

Jay Freeman, Nicholas Allegra and Michael Wang have indeed talk about the current state of the jailbreak. First of all, Apple has succeeded over the years to plug many flaws and make its iOS almost impenetrable, and this is even more true with the latest versions of the system.

Jay Freeman and Nicholas Allegra agree that “the jailbreak is fundamentally dead! “, because today the jailbreak community can no longer rely on its players as is the case of Luca Todesco, which found several iOS vulnerabilities in recent years.

Not to mention Comex (Nicholas Allegra), the Dev Team and Saurik (Jay Freeman) who have contributed enormously to the jailbreak community, bringing new features missing on iPhone’s. Jailbroken users having the ability to tweak and customize their Apple device’s.

No More Interest in Jailbreak

However, Apple has been inspired by many jailbreak tweaks over the years and integrate these so-called “missing” iOS functions – to the point that today, jailbreak has almost no real meaning – perhaps still for some minor things.
And most of all, what drives iOS hackers to no longer get out of jailbreak tool is money! Today, when a hacker finds an important vulnerability, he can hope to resell it for $ 1 million, either directly to Apple or other companies interested in it. It is therefore normal that prefers to gain a million dollars rather than releasing a jailbreak tool for free and waiting for donations.

Freeman then explains that: “This translates into a spiral leading to the end of the jailbreak, as there are fewer and fewer people at work and fewer developers interested in creating tweaks to publish on Cydia. And this means that even users are less interested in jailbreak. “It even advises users to no longer jailbreak their iOS device for security issues. It is true that jailbreak is not the best solution to prevent the theft of private data from a user.

That is why, jailbreak gradually becomes a phenomenon in the process of extinction, probably followed by his death …