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Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go: How to Catch Them All

Pokémon Go have a lot of different types of Pokémon, but there are also a few that you rarely encounter. These legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo, Moltres and Lugia appear only during certain periods and are a lot harder to catch than the normal Pokémon. In this article you will learn how to capture legendary Pokémon and which ones are available.

Legendary Pokémon’s

The first and second generation available in Pokémon Go include some legendary Pokémon that are very strong and rare:

  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres
  • Mewtwo
  • Mew
  • Raikou
  • Entei
  • Suicune
  • Lugia
  • Ho-Oh
  • Celebi

Not all the Pokémon’s are available. Currently, you can capture the legendary Pokémon below in Pokémon Go:

  • Lugia
  • Articuno (until 31 July 2017)
  • Moltres (from 31 July 2017 to 7 August 2017)
  • Zapdos (from 7 to 14 August 2017)

How to Catch a Legendary Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon’s do not wandering around aimlessly. The legendary Pokémon is only available at Gyms in the Raid Battles. In the Pokémon Go radar you can see what Raid Battles are in the Raid Cup. The legendary Pokémon is only found in the Legendary Eggs. These are blue / purple in color. With each raid you’ll see how long till the egg hatches.

Choosing the right Pokémon to bet against the legendary Pokémon depends on the type of Pokémon you are fighting against.

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are made of ice, fire and electricity, combined with the fly-type. In all these cases, Golem is a good opponent, because it is well protected against electricity, fire, ice and the avian species.

Against a Lugia, you can use a dark-type Pokémon, because it is strong against Psychic species like Lugia. A Tyrantian is a good choice, but also Houndoom can. The second power of Lugia is Flying, so an electric Pokémon like Jolteon also causes a lot of damage.

Use Golem and Tyranitar

In general, both Golem and Tyranitar are strong Pokémon’s against the above legendary Pokémon. It is therefore wise to have strong copies of this Pokémon’s. The legendary Pokémon has a very high CP, which makes them difficult to beat. You must therefore work with other players and only after defeating the legendary Pokémon in the Raid Battle you have the ability to catch them. For this, you will receive a limited number of Premier Balls at your disposal.

Legendary Pokémon Catching with Premier Ball

The amount of Premier Balls you receive depends on you and your team’s share in the fight. It is therefore advisable to enter a Raid Battle with many players (blue, red or yellow) to get more Premier Balls. As a result, you get more attempts to capture the legendary Pokémon. You can receive up to 13 Premier Balls, so you’ll also have thirteen attempts to capture the legendary Pokémon. To make catching easier, you can use Razz Berries, especially the Golden Razz Berries.

Set Alarm for 6 AM on iPhone (No Hands)

Are you one of those iPhone users who use Apple’s personal voice assistant Siri for setting an alarm by saying: “Set a 6 am alarm for tomorrow morning” But, were you aware that you can ask Siri to set your alarm for more than just one day? Well, you can! You can set the alarm for weekdays only, or every day of the week; both of which are a whole lot quicker than manually setting an alarm in the Clock app and checking every individual day.

Use Siri for Setting an Alarm

  • Hold down the Home button to activate Siri. If you’ve already enabled Hey Siri on your iPhone you can activate it that way;
  • Now say: “Set an alarm for 6 am” Siri will immediately respond with: “OK, I set an alarm for 6 am starting tomorrow

Weekdays 6 am Alarm

  • Hold down the Home button to activate Siri; perhaps you’ve already enabled Hey Siri on your iPhone so you could activate it that way;
  • Now say: “Set an alarm for weekdays at 6 am” Siri will respond with: “Your alarm is set for 6 am, starting Monday”. Of course, if ‘tomorrow’ is a weekday, Siri might also say “starting tomorrow”;

If you want to check your alarms, open the Clock app and at the bottom of the screen tap on Alarms.

Siri will occasionally provide a hilarious response to your task. Actually, There are dozens of things you can say to Siri to evoke kickass answers.

However, waking up to the awful sound of your iPhone’s default Radar ring tone is a terrible way to start a new day! Fortunately, going right back to iOS 6, users have been able to choose a song from their music library in order to set their iPhone alarm. With iOS 8, simply grab some great tunes from Apple Music and choose one of these for your alarm sound.

Use Favorite Song for Alarm

If you have a special song you’d like to use as your alarm, simply add this song to My Music in Apple Music.

Now that you have the song you’d like to wake up to, tap the triple-dot button located on the right then select Add to My Music.

Close Apple Music now that you’ve added your favorite song and open the Clock app. Working from the Alarm tab, either tap the plus button + to add a new alarm or tap Edit to edit an existing alarm.

Next, tap Sound on the Edit Alarm screen. Tap on Pick a Song: now you can either search for your song or find it via Albums, Artists, Songs, or another grouping.

Once you’ve located the song you’re looking for, make it your alarm sound by tapping the plus button +.

Finally, return to the Edit Alarm screen by tapping the Back button – then tap Save. Voilà! that terrible radar tone is gone, and now you can awaken to your favorite song!

VLC, Kodi and Popcorn Time Vulnerable to Malicious Subtitle Attack

We are living a rather dark time in computer security. After the latest ransomware “WannaCry” spread across the world, it looks like you can not trust a subtitle file anymore. Check Point researchers have announced a new and surprising form of attack that can leave exposed millions of users around the world, subtitles. Yes, subtitles.

Basically, when playing a video using multimedia players such as VLC, Kodi, Popcorn Time or Stremio and uploading subtitles, the hacker can access your device and control it remotely. The antivirus is not able to detect the vulnerability, since they detect the subtitles as a normal text file. Continue reading

ExtraTorrent Closing its Doors After 11 Years

Clearly torrent websites are going through a tough time. After KickassTorents (which has just been resurrected) and, it seems that it is time for ExtraTorrent to throw in the towel. So the entertainment industry has managed to make another victim.

The decision came overnight, simply removing all of the content hosted by the site and related mirrors. Visiting the homepage, users are welcomed with a short message confirming that the page has closed forever. ExtraTorrent will probably never return, administrators asking the community to avoid ExtraTorrent clones that may appear in the coming days, this happened when KickassTorents was closed.

ExtraTorrent was set up in November 2006 and proved to be more durable than many of the rest of the time. Over the past 11 years, gradually building a loyal community, ExtraTorrent become the second most popular torrent site after Pirate Bay. Dealing with big names in the field, such as Mininova or TorrentSpy, ExtraTorrent managed to overtake most of the giants.

So far, it is unclear why ExtraTorrent made this decision, but it is easy to assume that it may be related to pressures from the entertainment industry, this is usually the case for torrent sites deciding to step back. Just like other sites of its kind, ExtraTorrent has been for years in the viewpoint of the entertainment industry. Also blacklisted by the US government for massive violations of copyright and online piracy.

However, closing torrent sites does not necessarily mean the end of BitTorrent and the associated piracy. On the contrary. Even though the life of these sites has dropped dramatically, except the immortal Pirate Bay, the community is much more flexible than before. So when a torrent site falls, another takes its place.

A nice example is the relatively new SkyTorrents. No one knows how long a similar site will last – it may not be functional in a month, but it will serve up to thirteen million torrents in a clean web interface without a single advertisement.

Popcorn Time Promise a Fresh New Redesigned App

If you like to watch movies online using Popcorn Time but navigating through a rather messy interface spoils the whole experience, than the news that Popcorn Time comes with new updates can only make you happy. I know that Popcorn Time in some situations can be considered illegal, but if you don’t want to pay for the various streaming services, Popcorn Time is exactly what you are looking for.

Offering free streaming and downloading movies, Popcorn Times has quickly become one of the most popular online movie platforms, sparking many controversies amid its (i)legality. Whether it is legal or not, people still use it without any remorse, and certainly the future updates will bring a popularity boost.

The team behind the Popcorn Time project is going to bring hundreds of movie titles closer to you. How? With a brand new app that is almost ready to be released in June.

Acording to AndroidAuthority, the new Popcorn Time app has been redesigned from scratch and is known as version 3.0. The app will come with a completely new user interface which will make browsing through various movies much easier. And of course, in the background of the app there are multiple changes and new features in terms of functions, too.

The performance of the Popcorn Time app also improved, and with the help of a new “search” feature you can find online movies much easier.