Measure, Track and Improve Marketing ROI

We assist companies with improving their online marketing ROI. Modern marketers face many unique challenges: provide high quality leads, grow brand awareness, manage multiple channel campaigns, invest in new technologies, and produce greater return on investment (ROI).

We work with Marketing Executives to quantify and improve their return on marketing investments. Seven factors guide our work, “The Kudzu Factors” grow our client’s return on their marketing investments.

The seven Kudzu factors are:

  • Develop an Executable Strategy
  • Automate Key Marketing Processes to improve customer satisfaction
  • Focus on Markeitng ROI
  • Control the Sales Funnel
  • Implement Marketing Campaigns to Achieve Key Business Goals
  • Synchronize Marketing Campaigns
  • Center marketing around web technology

At the core of our work is the ability to determine a client’s marketing Return on Investment. We enable executives to rapidly evaluate their marketing campaigns, reduce the strain on resources and invest in brands with positive financial impact.